I like to stay with the people of the region I am visiting; live with them, eat with them, work with them. I just can't jump into their lives, take the photos and leave. I must become comfortable with them - I need to be accepted 
by the community or by the family I stay with. Then I can take the pictures.

About Michael Svec

I am Documentary & Fine Art Travel Photographer, who works on assignments in Asia, Middle East and Europe.
I journeyed the world as a photographer for more than ten years, focusing my efforts on documenting the traditions of changing cultures around the world, human rights issues and spirituality within people and places.
I witnessed poverty, inhuman living conditions and civil unrest. But I also experienced crystal beauty and the breathtaking power of the human spirit.

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Personal photos

    Michael Svec personal photos

Current Location

Prague, Czech republic



  • Losar, 2011 March
    Prague, Novoměstská radnice
  • Himalayas, 2009 June
    Brno, Chillout.festival
  • Buddhism, 2009 September
  • Tibetans, 2009 July
  • Tibetans, 2008, October
    Prague, Novoměstská radnice

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